Read these details carefully. If you are the fencer described below, then this is the right club programme for you.
email the Team Manager to discuss your plan: maestro@fencingacademy.org

All the World Champions and Olympians featured here, one day started with only a dream.
But they made their dream come true.

Do you have a dream? Get inspired!! Have a dream and follow your dream.
We love success and we are here to work with you as a team and make that dream come true.

If you are not ready to be part of the Premier Team yet, choose a suitable club programme at the Academy,
until you are ready to be here.


[ITA] Arianna Errigo
> 2013 World Champion
> 2014 World Champion

Individually tailored programme for you. You will be individually mentored by an international coach; Lessons, piste-side coaching and competition support.


[RUS] Inna Deriglazova
> 2015 World Champion
> 2016 Olympic Champion
> 2017 World Champion

You are an experienced fencer who has competed internationally or at an equivalent level nationally (depending on country).

You must be aiming to achieve results on the senior international circuit. Satellites, World Cups, GP, World Championships, Zonal Championships or Olympics. Traditionally fencers in the senior category were over 22 years of age. Today many young fencers are on the senior circuit. So you can be as young as 16.


You have settled in your current level and you feel lack of progress. You are no longer happy with where you are and have the desire to achieve your next goal.



[JAP] Yuki Ota
> 2015 World Champion

You know what you want to achieve next. Either you want to achieve the next level of results for you and you need a mentor to help you identify what you need to do and coach you to achieve it. Or you have identified what you need to do, and you need a mentor / coach who will help you make it happen.


[GER] Peter Joppich
> 2003 World Champion
> 2006 World Champion
> 2007 World Champion
> 2010 World Champion

You are hungry for achievement, willing to do what it takes to get to your goal, you possess the level of commitment you need to deliver.

There are two types of membership, club fee: Active & Passive. Either types of membership may include athlete management & sponsorship. This might also include opportunities of coaching and subsidising your training. In this case you will need to sign a contract.


1. Informal Meeting: We will set up an informal meeting to have a relaxed discussion with our senior Team Manager.

2. After further discussions, you may decide to have a trial period, or have some 121 lessons to work with your new coach.

3. You sign up as a member and start your training


email: maestro@fencingacademy.org