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We have decided to separate between news and training information.


This is issue number one of our news only electronic publication. A new format eNewsletter combining all three age groups. This publication will not include any training information. Over the summer the Academy HQ office was moved and scaled down in anticipation of moving to a much larger new HQ office next year. Meanwhile, more work is being conducted remotely. This has had a knock-on effect on our eNewsletters. Last term, no news was published. We intend to catch up on news in the following issues of this eNewsletter.† †


For training information each age group will receive their own specific eNewsletter which will cover all training related information; sessions, camps, lessons, competitions, workshops and training programmes.




> Tamara Gavrilenko Receives Special Award

By Academy Maestro: A. Sadiq


25 NOV 2017


The Champion Programme for children aims to produce children at the top of their age group, at club level, county level, in the region, and nationally. This four level programme is tough and demanding. Gradings take place once a term and at Summer Camp.


This year at Summer Camp Tamara was able to complete her grading for Level-3 and graduate to Level-4. Children in Level-4 who demonstrate they are a good role model and show safety with equipment get presented with their own foil for the first time. This is a sign of maturity and competence.


Tamara is a great young athlete and I have watched her grow year after year into a fine athlete. Her next task is to complete the last level of the Musketeers Champion Programme. Winter Camp will be her next big opportunity to do that.




Caption: (Archive pic) Girls Team Challenge Session. Club Chairman, Beatrice Taylor presents Tamara with her foil and fencing bag.






> Cadets @ Girls Team Challenge Session

By Team Member: Emilia Honey


25 NOV 2017


Team 1: The Fencing Grasshoppers; Rachel, Jennifer, Tamara

Team 2: Brain & The Pinkies; Amalia, Emily, Michelle

Team 3: The Fencing Dream Team; Beatrice, Nadia, Emilia


The team event was a really exciting way to gain experience of what it is like to compete. Three girls teams took to the centre piste for an afternoon of Challenge on Saturday 25 November.



There were three cadets in this challenge: Me, Nadia & Tamara.


The girls made lots of noise on the piste celebrating their hits and off piste supporting each other. All three teams captains; Rachel, Amalia & Beatrice were energetic in supporting their team and giving piste side coaching between each point.



Tamara enjoyed fencing with her new foil and improved through the event especially with moving more on the piste.


Nadia really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of a team and made many successful hits throughout each match. Having Beatrice as a team captain was great, as she was very encouraging and gave us lots of advice especially about hitting with confidence and making sure of the attack.


The main thing I learnt whilst fencing was to be confident on the piste and to focus on each hit not the overall score.


The next Girls Team Challenge will be on Saturday 13th January 2018.


I am looking forward to it.



Caption: (Archive pic) Girls Team Challenge Session. The Dream Team; (L to R) Nadia, Beatrice, Emilia





> Academy Team vs Newham Swords

By Team Member: Hugo DiFrancesco


05 NOV 2017


We were the Academy B Team. After finishing the poules with results befitting of our average performance, our match against Newham was a big match. The winner will advance to the Semi-finals of the British Senior National Championships.


Action kicked off with the first couple of relays were a repeat of the poules, with James struggling to hit his stride against Kamal Minott and Aymeric picking up where he left off with an 8-1 relay against Newham youngster Benjamin Udrzal. I then fenced against the experienced Rajan Rai, kept him at bay most of the time and took my opportunities when they arose. James did his job against Benjamin with a 5-2 relay, followed by a strong performance in which I not only maintained but increased our lead with 5-2 against Kamal. This means that at the halfway point in the match we had a 10 point lead.


After some dominating performances in the poules (contributing massively to our spot in the T8), Aymeric wasnít able to stamp his authority on his match against Rajan, finishing the relay 5-8, still in the lead by a good margin.


Knowing we were ahead I took a safety first approach against Benjamin, finishing on time at 3-3. James then put in a strong performance to keep Rajan Rai at bay with a score of 7-2 thus handing a 12 point lead to Aymeric for the final match.


Aymeric struggled with Kamal Minott, possibly the effect of having fenced him a few times on the international circuit over the past year but managed to close out the match 45-40 with a 5-12 individual score.


This match contained some very strong showings for both myself and James (against Minott and Rai respectively) and Aymeric kept his strong fighting style to the end to secure the victory and a place in the semi-finals.




Caption: (Archive pic) British Senior Nationals. ~(L to R) Newham Team; Rai, Minott, Udrzal. Academy B Team; James, Aymeric, Hugo.





> Social Evening Pool Party

By Club Chairman: Beatrice Taylor


28 OCT 2017


After a few months of training, it was time for another social evening. Time to relax and mix with club fencers and friends.


Since I have long working hours as a commercial property lawyer as well as my fencing training and my role as a club chairman, it is great just to be able to relax and enjoy an evening. Over thirty guests enjoyed the evening with a mix between Cadets & Blades and across different levels from beginners to squad members.


The exclusive venue lent itself well to a friendly feeling and exciting games. Beginners like me and hot shooters like Rachelís father (who just flew back from China) were teamed up to balance the playing field.


Even coaches joined in the fun outside their usual training environment, Nada, Amalia, Maestro. Some of the Cadets like Ned & Emilia strategically positioned themselves playing close to the buffet food table. We say welcome to our newer competition members Ailsa & Nadia showing off their potting skills. Even ex-members like Sam who has not fenced for over three years dropped in to mingle and have a game.


This was a good occasion to present Amalia with her birthday present. Hussain did the presentation of a voucher which he helped coordinate the collection for. Amalia canít wait to go and get some new sports gear!


Ana was a serious competitor. You can see why she has been moving up in her fencing progressively. She joined the beginner club in January, she completed her Beginner 1 & 2 courses, Then she completed her Intermediate-1 level and now she is in Intermediate-2. Not bad at all. Thanks to her coaches and her perseverance.


I am already looking forward to our New Year party.




Caption: (Archive pic) Pool Party. Some of the diehards who stayed all the way to the end, enjoying the happy atmosphere.





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